the analogue flicking games console

The new board game with an exciting magnetic factor – fun, strategy & action for young and old!

We are still in development, presenting our game at trade fairs and events and talking to producers. In 2024, we want to start to sell the game. Until then, you can find out more about the game here and on our Instagram-page

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skitter is…

easy going and emotional

skitter is aimed at everyone who enjoys playing, is very quick to learn and is refreshingly different. The world’s first magnetic flicking game is ideal as a fun entertainment in bars, at parties, events and game evenings as well as a sociable family game.

skitter is…

endlessly versatile

skitter doesn’t just have one game variant – this game is an analog Schnipps game console. With more than 15 game variants so far, it won’t be boring, we promise! New game pieces create new possibilities, task cards require tactics and further additions are already being planned.

skitter is…

always a challenge

From young to old – this game is fun for everyone! In educational areas such as daycare centers, after-school care centers and schools, it impresses with its very low entry barrier, simple game variants and quick sense of achievement. Skitter also helps in the therapeutic area, for example with playful training of hand motor skills.

current introduction videos

She was one of the first to notice us: Silke from “Würfel und Zucker” asked us about the creation and future plans for our game. Of course there will be a game afterwards…

At “Hunter & Friends” Alex from “Blick auf’s Brett” and Hunter himself introduce our game in a short and sweet “Let’s Play”. Wow, we feel super honored and happy that you enjoyed it so much.

At Hunter & Friends “Board Game Whisper”, Alex and Peat also put our board on the table as part of a BerlinCon trade fair review. Zitat Alex: “Es macht viel, viel Spaß…” Quote Alex: “It’s a lot, a lot of fun…”

 Thomas from Better Boardgames also stopped by our stand at BerlinCon and ckecked out our game… His impression? See for yourself 🙂

More news, more photos, more skitter

Do you want to look over our shoulder as the game develops and not miss anything?

Messen, Events, Spielecafés

Where you can play skitter

Next stop: trade fair “Spiel” in Essen,stand number GA66.

Unfortunately you can’t buy our game yet. But if you want to test it out in advance, you can find us at various occasions such as trade fairs or events (see German page for dates).

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